FFC Configurator

Step 1
FFC Type:
Step 2
Conductor Separation (in mm).
Step 3
Conductor size:
Thickness x Width (in mm).
Individual Size (eg. 1.0 x 0.35)
Step 4
Number of Conductor (2 - 180).
Step 5
Insulation length:
(dimension "A" in illustration above).
Step 6
Strip length:
B1 dimension / B2 dimension
Step 7
Supporter length:
S1 dimension / S2 dimension
Step 8
Processing options:
Please hold CTRL to select multiple entries
Trimming (TR):
Connector Type Left / Right
Step 9
Temp. / Voltage:
Step 10
Material Colour:
Step 11
Pieces per timeframe
Article Number: