29.07.2021 - ALYSIUM withdraws from VISION Exhibition

ALYSIUM withdraws from VISION Exhibition

There are so many enhanced and new products that we are super excited to present to the market.

•    New, higher speed and smaller optical assembly products (in CLHS and USB),
•    Enhanced M12 portfolio incl. the smallest 90D x-coded plug,
•    Release of an updated range of CXP assemblies
•    New IO Terminations
•    Higher Rated High Flex and Longer Length Cable Designs.
•    Cable Assemblies that help Distributors to hold lower stock positions, whilst offering the full portfolio of products.

Despite our desire to showcasing some really cool stuff, support the exhibition / market in general and most importantly reconnect in person with our business partners; we have made the difficult decision this week to withdraw from the Vision exhibition.

The arguments for and against are compelling. The expected absence of our Asian and North American friends, the numerous, wider ongoing uncertainties including staff and customer welfare, mean that, on balance, we would not be able to meet our lofty expectations.

To all our friends and partners who are attending, we remain available to support all of your exhibition needs.