A+ Rj45

40 versions in 1 assembly.

A Member of the A+ Family

RJ45 +

We believe in well designed products that offer easy handling.
We believe in products that not only solve your problems, but avoid that you are even aware of them.
Interconnect assemblies should not be something that you need to worry about when running
even demanding high performance machine vision systems.

We are happy to present the newest family member of our A+ Generation.

A+ Rj45 Assemblies are NOW available.

The benefits already offered by our A+ USB3 Family, have also been adapted
to the special world of industrial machine vision RJ45 assemblies.
We have not simply transferred these benefits, but further improved them.

For the first time, you can buy a single Rj45 assembly, which will meet all
of your specific applications requirements.

The unique, patent pending screwlock bracket system gives you
more than 40 different version in one assembly.

Irrespective of your demand; GigE or 10G, horizontal or vertical screw locking, screw locking at one end, both ends or not at all, this one single assembly covers all the options. If this was not already enough, we also included a 100% compatibility to the still under discussion GigE Vision 2.0 Standard, as this product can adapt to the 3 different plug lengths.

And least we forget it: the raw cable is rated to CAT7, has passed our torsional high flex tests and also fits perfectly to our M12 x-coded product family.

As is common with our A+ Generation, this package is presented incorporating a sexy and industrial Die-Cast housing to avoid any unnecessary issues with screw lengths or positional flexing from moulded body designs.

Finally, to round off the long list of reasons for selecting A+, we have also improved our pricing for this generation. So please call us or our distributors, so that we may support you further.