16.03.2011 - Influence of the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake

Dear Customers,  

Firstly, we extend our heartfelt sympathy to those who have suffered.   

With regard of Tohoku Pacific Earth quake on Mar 11th, 2011, we would like to announce the current status of influence against Alysium-Tech and our Partners I-PEX and Hitachi Cables.


Alysium-Tech (Machine Vision, MCX, Other Assemblies, Components) & Hitachi Cables (FFC Business)

We would like to assure you that current unfortunate situation in Japan has no impact on our production lines as our factory(machines, manpower) is located in Malaysia and or other locations.  At this moment impact on our raw material supply is limited as majority of our suppliers are outside Japan and we have enough raw materials to cover for the next 2~3 months.


I-PEX (Connectors):

As of 15:00 on Mar 14th, 2011, I-PEX group has been operating under normal circumstances.  
I-PEX has no damage on their Employees, facilities of production and activities.  
On the other hand, the operation of I-PEX headquarters may be partly a reflection of the rotating power supply, which is not finalized it’s the time and duration. Also, they are investigating the status of material supplier simultaneously.  

We will keep on investigating the detailed information and announce as soon as we have settled upon further details.  We will be monitoring the situation closely and will always keep you informed or updated in advance should there be any foreseeable problems.
Last but not least, we would like to assure you our valued customer that we will be doing our best to ensure our continued supply and support to you.