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No matter what technologies
you will use in the future.




Alysium supports your individual demands
whether you are on Earth or on other Planets.

A☑ Custom Cameralink™ Assemblies

Gives you more possibilities for
your Cameralink™ Application

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Our A+ Family includes
RJ45, USB3, BRJE & Cameralink HS (TM)

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USB Type C

The new USB 3.1 Type C Termination has entered the market
and will progressively replace USB A, MicroB and USB B connectors,
at the host and the device sides.

In addition to the first host-side motherboards with Type C,
the first Machine Vision camera manufacturer has now released
also a camera, equiped with the future-proof Type C plug.



Discover the USB 3.1 Product Family











Discover the usb 3.1 Product Family

TurnKey Solutions
for Automotive Applications

  • AV Assemblies and Looms
  • Dashboard Interconnects
  • Wiring for Car MultiMedia


Our growing Family of Industrial
Circular Connectors

  • High Density, Fully Compatible Products
  • Enhanced Portfolio, incl. 90°, waterproof, short body designs, etc
  • Customised Solutions with smaller production quantities


Our very useful
Cable Configurators

  • Identification of the correct Products
  • Overview of Product Possibilities
  • Instant Specification Availability 


40 Versions in 1 Assembly
The New A+ RJ45


Discover the New A+ RJ45

Our A+ Family includes
RJ45, USB3, BRJE & Cameralink HS (TM)

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FFC / FPC Connectors

  • Pitch: 0.3mm to 0.50mm
  • Pin Count: 4 to 60
  • Types: ZIF, Non-ZIF, Auto-Lock, Latch Locking

configure FFC