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please note, that our factory located in Malaysia will be closed for Chinese New Year (public holidays) from February 15th until February 23rd. Production will resume on February 26, 2018. Some subcomponent manufacturers, located in China, have longer shutdowns. Please factor the longer lead-times for production on order items during this period.



Our HQ Is moving into a new Building!


Exciting things are happening at
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The new USB 3.1 Type C Termination has entered the market
and will progressively replace USB A, MicroB and USB B connectors,
at the host and the device sides.

In addition to the first host-side motherboards with Type C,
the first Machine Vision camera manufacturer has now released
also a camera, equiped with the future-proof Type C plug. ...





  • Higher Reliability
  • Unified Design – reduces stock
  • Industrial DieCast Shell
  • Screw Locking to Vision Standards
  • Moulded Pin Design for Correct Pin Position
  • 360 Degree Shielding
  • 100% Quality Control
  • Future Proof Design


40 Versions in 1 Assembly
The New A+ RJ45


Discover the New A+ RJ45

Discover the USB 3.1 Product Family











Discover the usb 3.1 Product Family

TurnKey Solutions
for Automotive Applications

  • AV Assemblies and Looms
  • Dashboard Interconnects
  • Wiring for Car MultiMedia


Our growing Family of Industrial
Circular Connectors

  • High Density, Fully Compatible Products
  • Enhanced Portfolio, incl. 90°, waterproof, short body designs, etc
  • Customised Solutions with smaller production quantities


Our very useful
Cable Configurators

  • Identification of the correct Products
  • Overview of Product Possibilities
  • Instant Specification Availability 


FFC / FPC Connectors

  • Pitch: 0.3mm to 0.50mm
  • Pin Count: 4 to 60
  • Types: ZIF, Non-ZIF, Auto-Lock, Latch Locking

configure FFC