15.04.2014 - Report - AIA Vision Show 2014

What a great city, and what a great trade show!

The show fell on the anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy and despite the sadness associated with that event; it is wonderful to see the resilience of this magnificent City and its people. Boston Strong!

Alysium’s main focus is to provide interconnect solutions that enhance your machine vision system.
We showcased further examples of how we can contribute:

Passive USB3 assemblies operating to 8M in conjunction with Ximea cameras.
- allows USB3 cameras to be more easily implemented into industrial applications.
- eliminates all concerns regarding cost, reliability and restrictions of active solutions.

New DieCast USB3 and CameraLink™ terminations with industrial reliability.
- further enhanced reliability well beyond the market standard “consumer grade” level.
- further details and videos here:

New Screw Locking Bracket options for USB3 A and B terminations.
- All options available, without having to stock various versions!

Comprehensive Termination Portfolio.
- Optimised termination designs are readily available (also visible through the online Cable Configurator)

Customized Interconnect Solutions.
- As Alysium designs and manufactures connectors and cables, as well as assembling them, we can realise unique solutions such as lower profile, waterproof or enhanced designs according to your specific requirements.

Thanks again to all for making this a productive and enjoyable show. We look forward to addressing your enquiries and supporting your future business.