04.04.2016 - A+ USB 3.1

Wireless USB 3.1 too good to be true?

Likely, you as careful reader and technical expert got it – our post on Wireless USB 3.1 Gen1 was a blunt April fool… Getting rid of USB cables with limitations in distance, flexibility and durability in Machine Vision applications with drag chains and robots is certainly desirable. But have you already checked out our A+ connectivity solutions?

Industrial die-casted connectors combined with an elaborated wire design ensure full speed USB 3.0 connectivity over 8 meters without any need for additional electronic components inside the assembly. These cables are also available as high-flex type.

Alysium aims to answer market requirement efficiently and appropriately. Come and meet us at the Vision Show in Boston (Booth 822) and learn how our new cables transmit USB 3.0 at full speed over 20 meters powered solely by the host’s USB port.