19.05.2011 - EVAFLEX5(TM) SE - worlds first unshielded Auto-Lock "Poka yoke" FFC /FPC connector


EVAFLEXTM5 - SE is a totally new concept for FFC/FPC connector focused on efficient operation and reliability. Only one action regard to insert the FFC/FPC, connection reliability is dramatically improved due to the side lock design.

EVAFLEXTM5 - SE is available for use in various applications such as automotive and industrial that requires an rugged FFC/FPC connector.

EVAFLEX5-SE is and will be available in different pin counts as 30,40,45,50,60. Vertical type and other pin counts is under evaluation. Please contact us for further information.


High productivity is provided by an easy and reliable mating operation by Non-ZIF and auto lock structures.

  • Insures proper mating and positive locking of FFC/FPC. It will prevents wrong mating.(*1)
  • Highly reliable contact by I-PEX’s unique W-point contact structure.
  • Prevens the FFC/FPC from losing connection during high shock and vibration situations.
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Halogen-free

(*): EVAFLEXTM 5-SE's unique design auto lock structure improves productivity, operability, reliability, and prevents handling error compared to traditional actuator type.